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The best carpet cleaning methods

Useful tips for you to read below. Don't let pet stains on the carpet! Learn how to clean them and why treating rugs is vital. In addition, find out how to dry carpets quickly!

Hard carpet pet stains

Pet stains can be dangerous for your health since they can cause skin allergies. Pet hair would also cause respiratory problems, especially to allergic people. Specialists at Carpet Cleaning Woodland Hills would recommend instant pet stain & odor removal with the best possible ecofriendly products. You could try removing the stains with the dish liquid and cooking soda and vinegar are definitely the best methods for odor removal.

Why rug cleaning is important

When you spend thousands of dollars for oriental rugs, the least you can do is keep them clean. After all, they are meant to last for long. Rug cleaning is also important not only for appearances but mainly for health issues. The dirt gathered among piles from dirty shoes, food stains and dust would create bacteria and these particles are really harmful for your health.

Making carpets dry faster

To cut the time required to dry your carpet, make sure that you are not using excessive amounts of water or liquid cleaning agents on your carpet. Beware of “mini pools” as they should not be formed as you perform wet carpet cleaning.

Carpet dust mites

Unfortunately every carpet owner has to deal with the reality that dust mites are here to stay. They are harmful to the body and can cause an outbreak of asthma amongst young children. You have two options. First you can clean vigorously and secondly you can disinfect the area.

Keep kids with crayons away from your carpets and upholstery

It is best if you have them create their drawings on the kitchen table. This is because crayons can leave sticky color marks which are particularly unsightly. Additionally, you should always confirm that all crayons have been packed together after the drawing is completed. If a crayon remains on the floor and you pick it up with the vacuum cleaner, you will leave long color streaks.

Carpet Cleaning Woodland Hills

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