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What Is The Most Common Staining On Your Carpet

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What Is The Most Common Staining On Your Carpet

The Most Common Carpet Stains | Woodland Hills CA

What do you think; if you knew where the next stain on your carpet, rug or sofa was coming from would you prevent it? Yeah, you probably would. No one like s staining, in fact the hard part is getting them off, so probably yeah, you would do everything in your power to get them as far as possible from your upholstery, from your sofas, from your rugs and couches…

Well, even though there is no way to know in advance where the next stain is coming from, unless you are a proud owner or magic ball, there are ways to prevent the staining or at least to reduce it to minimum. What do we mean by this is that there are certain conducts and behaviors that lead to stains more likely than some other conducts.

Pet Stains

If you have a four legged pet, then you do not need to read this to know that at the end of the day your carpets, sofas and upholstery will be covered in your pet’s hair. And hair is all you goanna get only if you are lucky enough since pet stains may be lot worse than that. The best way to deal with pet satins and odor stains is to prevent them. So the more time you spend training your pet the less time you will actually need to spend cleaning your carpets or sofa cleaning and upholstery cleaning. If your pet is beyond control or you like your pet’s free spirit what you can do is try to maintain your carpets clean by vacuuming your carpets at the end of the day and immediately removing stains. Pet stains and odor removal are definitely something that should not be left waiting for long unaddressed due to sanitary and comfort reasons.

Food Stains – Pizza Stains, Pasta Stains…

The next thing quite frequently found on people’s carpets, rugs, sofas and upholstery are food stains. Most of us will agree how there is no bigger joy or relaxation than consuming your favorite dinner on your sofa in front of the TV. Now, according to Murphy’s Law you are all safe while you are eating some kind of boring food like rice crackers or something healthy and unimaginative. Once you put a great cut of pizza in front of you, delicious pasta and everything that comes with delicious sauces you may make a certain bet it will end up on your floor, on you carpet or on your upholstery. Now if you want to save your carpets, sofas, rugs and upholstery from this the wisest thing to do is to never eat these kinds of things on your sofa. However if you do want to keep enjoying your favorite meal the way you enjoy it the most– than you should have set up carpet cleaner, sofa cleaner and upholstery cleaner by your side while you are eating, since you will probably need it. Also you need to make sure that after some time of having dinners on your sofa you contact professional carpet cleaning service providers to come perform professional stain removal as well as odor removal in your home.


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