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Purchasing a Carpet Cleaner Is Attractive Alternative for High Traffic Rooms

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Purchasing a Carpet Cleaner Is Attractive Alternative for High Traffic Rooms

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No carpet is fully stain-proof, but today’s floor coverings resist stains and soiling better. Professional cleaning is recommended every year, but it can be expensive. Purchasing a cleaning machine works better for some consumers.

Purchase vs. Rental or Professional Cleaning

Professional cleaners can be expensive. Scheduling appointments can be a burden, especially if all members of the household have outside jobs. Rental carpet cleaning machines have been available to the public for a long time; however, models that are appropriate for use at home are a recent development. Here are some of the high points of buying your own carpet cleaning machine:

  • No trip to the store to rent a machine
  • Clean when you want, where you want
  • Spot cleaning is easier
  • Familiarity with your own machine makes the job faster
  • Choose the cleaning solution that you prefer
  • No waiting for the professionals to show up
  • Schedule your cleaning so that the carpets can dry overnight, when no one is about to walk on them

Some of the Drawbacks to Rentals May Include:

  • No machines available when you get to the store to rent
  • Cleaning solutions may contain harsher chemicals than you want
  • Machines may have been misused and don’t function properly
  • Driving the unit back and forth to the store consumes too much time

Advantages of Cleaning Your Carpets with Your Own Machine

  • The newly designed machines are meant to function efficiently and easily
  • You can take more care around fragile items or antiques in your home
  • If you wish to use ‘green’ or eco-friendly cleaning solutions, you have more choices
  • Cleaning can be done in stages, rather than having to do it all at once, as with a rental
  • The purchase price can be quickly justified if you don’t have to rent a machine or pay a professional.

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