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Ideas and Suggestions for Rugs

01/28/2014 Back To Blog

Most Persian rugs are big and they don't fit properly in small houses. When they are not placed properly, they might get destroyed because you will need to put a lot of furniture over them or keep them at spots, where they would be exposed to the sun. You must never forget that the wrong placement of rugs would also make your life much harder when it is time for carpet cleaning.Ideas and Suggestions for Rugs

Take the right size rugs

Huge rugs are impressive and definitely spectacular but they are not comfortable for most average houses. Sometimes, it is preferable to buy two smaller ones instead of one big one because you can place them easier and residential carpet cleaning will also be more convenient. You will have the ability to move them in another spot of the house or room and your living room won't choke; on the contrary, it will look bigger.

Are your carpets in danger?

It is self-evident that water and fire are the biggest enemies of all carpets and there must be a safety distance between the potential threat and your silk rugs. If you insist on placing the rug in front of the fireplace, get the best possible fire protection to avoid burns. You must also avoid placing the rugs close to radiators or put flower pots over them because they can transfer moisture and you wouldn't want to deal with mold removal.

Which rooms are best for handmade rugs?

An original off-white flokati rug wouldn't be a bad idea for your bedroom because it would create a warm corner and would be very classy but flokati rug cleaning is demanding. A classic Persian handmade rug would be excellent for your office because it will bring out the seriousness of the room. Wool rugs are excellent in the living room where you meet with your friends because they will relax you and create a beautiful atmosphere.

Of course, the rules regarding the decoration and aesthetics are personal and you can certainly experiment or change position of the rugs but, in all cases, it is important to remember the importance of rug cleaning in order to keep beautiful and clean homes.

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