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Below is the list of detailed and handy FAQs for the best cleaning methods for your carpet.

Should I store rugs in the summer?

The main purpose of all carpets is to keep your home warm. Hence, if you have oriental rugs, which can be lifted and stored, it would be excellent. It would also be better for your health because dust quantities are greater during the summer and the atmosphere gets stuffy easier. You wouldn't want your Persian rugs to aggravate the indoor air. Specialists of Carpet Cleaning Woodland Hills recommend storing them in a dry place.

What do I do when stains are not removed with water?

Carpet stain removal usually takes more than water. At the very least, you should use some dish liquid, which is very effective with stains. It would also depend on whether you treat stains right away and whether they are easy or not. You can also use baking soda but you would need to let it sit for a while. Vinegar or lemon will also be effective for both stain and odor removal.

How should I clean rugs?

Rug cleaning always depends on whether they are machine or handmade. Carpet Cleaning Woodland Hills suggests trying detergents at one small corner of the carpet to avoid discoloration and using ecofriendly products, which are better for your health. Vacuum them without putting force on both sides and in the direction of piles and air them occasionally.

Are there eco friendly carpet cleaning products?

Yes. Nowadays, eco friendly products are so common and even preferred by many. Numerous companies have already switched to using these products for carpet cleaning, as they are safer for both the humans and the environment. They are also easily available online and in the supermarket shelves.

Should I invest in good carpet?

Yes, you should. Carpets are a fundamental element in a home, and having them well-maintained gives you more savings in the end. For this reason, you should invest in quality cleaning services to ensure your carpets last a long time.

How do I approach sofa vacuuming

You should vacuum your sofa once a week or more often if you use it a lot and/or you have playful kids. You should use only the upholstery tool for vacuuming. It is important to take out the cushions and vacuum them from all sides. You can use the crevice tool for the tight areas of the sofa such as those around the legs.


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