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Our professional Woodland Hills room cleaning services involve all sorts of tasks. From carpet cleaning to furniture stain removal to cleaning tiles in bathrooms and kitchens. Every customer calls us for different service needs. But we’re happy to help every local home or business owner get their property to a clean and inviting shape ASAP. Read work reports about some recent room cleaning services we provided to local folks.

Furniture Cleaning In Hidden Hills CA

Furniture Cleaning

Customer Issue: Our customer had her heart set on prolonging the life of her two favorite armchairs.
Our Solution: Our first task was to vacuum both armchairs to get rid of dust and any stray hairs. Then we applied a pre-treat solution on head and armrests to remove the unsightly oily stains. Before it had a chance to dry, we used our extraction method to get out all the accumulated dirt. To preserve the achieved results, we applied a fabric protector before leaving.

Maria Perez - Hidden Hills
Tile Cleaning Near Tarzana CA

Tile Cleaning

Customer Issue: Our customer noticed her tiles had changed color despite her efforts to keep them clean.
Our Solution: We closely inspected the type of tiles and the state grout was in and then decided on the best cleaning solution. Since the grouting lines were in excellent condition, we scrubbed them with a special brush. Then we used our high-pressure extractor machine to remove the loosened dirt. Once we made the floor as clean as a whistle, we dried and polished it.

Alicia Evans - Tarzana
Carpet Cleaning Near Woodland Hills CA

Carpet Cleaning

Customer Issue: Mr. Lewis’ daughter and granddaughter were coming to visit and he wanted to turn his carpet into a safe playground for the little one.
Our Solution: We started this project by giving the carpets a thorough vacuuming to remove any large particles of dirt. Then, we pre-treated the areas that needed the most attention and let the product sit for 10 minutes. We shampooed the carpet with our rotary floor machine and then extracted the spent shampoo by using clear water in the extractor.

Gregory Lewis - Woodland Hills
Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

For office spaces, hotels, clinics, and any other business in or near Woodland Hills.
Mold & Stain Removal Experts

Mold & Stain Removal Experts

Get rid of nasty stains and fungus growths in your home or commercial business.
Professional Steam Cleaning and Vacuuming

Professional Steam Cleaning and Vacuuming

For carpets, rugs, furniture, and – of course – upholstery.
Affordable Tile & Grout Cleaning

Affordable Tile & Grout Cleaning

Low rates with top-quality results. For kitchens, bathrooms, and other.

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